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North Georgia Mountain Folklore: The Mystery of Fort Mountain

Can you unravel the Mystery of Fort Mountain?

Located in north Georgia east of Chatsworth near Ellijay, Fort Mountain gets its name from a great wall that stands at 855 feet at the peak of the mountain. Generations of explorers and adventure-seekers have tried and failed to figure out how this wall came to be. The Mystery of Fort Mountain is now one of the most interesting stories in Georgia mountain folklore.

Some say Welsh explorers built the wall to protect themselves from hostile Indians. Cherokee Indian legends seem to support this theory referring to the Moon Eyes, a race of light-skinned people. According the Cherokee legend, the Moon Eyes could see in the dark and lived on North Georgia Mountain property.


Another theory is that a tribe of unknown Indians built the wall around 500 A.D. for religious purposes. This is supported by the fact that Stone wall extends by a precipice on the east side of Fort Mountain and due west to similar point on the other side. These Indians were thought to be sun worshippers. The sun rises on the east and sets in the west. No artifacts have ever been found on any North Georgia Mountain property or resort, serving as more evidence that the Stone Wall was built for religious purposes. Indian ceremonial objects were always taken when Indians moved to a new location.

Spanish conquistadors, possibly Hernando DeSoto, are also thought to have built the Stone Wall to defend against Indian attacks. Experts say DeSoto could not have possibly built the wall because he was never in one area long enough to build such an elaborate defense system.

Do you think you can solve this deep mystery in Georgia Mountain Folklore?

Take a weekend trip to the Wilderness View Cabins or the Overlook Inn and explore the mystery of Fort Mountain. See if you can solve this age-old riddle about Fort Mountain. While you’re here, enjoy Fort Mountain’s beautiful hiking trails, the sand beach along crystal mountain lake or discover all the other great adventures and sites north Georgia has to offer.

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